Since the beginning of my PhD in 2010, I have been writing a lot of small programs and tools for a variety of purposes but mainly to aid me in my daily work. I figured that some of these tools and programs might be on interest to other people working in similar or related fields. The majority of my programs are cross-platform and you can run them on Windows, Linux or MacOS. My main development environment is Linux though, so you will note that particular usage patterns for the programs are really inclined towards Linux. (for example, I often use command-line interfacing)

Below you can find a list of software packages compiled for Windows.

Windows Installers

Software Operating system
veevee-1.5.3-win64-installer.exe Windows x64
2,862,693 bytes
bravais-0.2.0-win64-installer.exe Windows x64
28,583,925 bytes


During my PhD, I have coded a microkinetics simulation package in C++. All the microkinetics result in my thesis are performed using this program. The main benefit of the program is that you can easily construct your chemokinetic network using a simple input file. Because the program is built using C++, it is extremely fast, even on older machines. The program is still actively maintained and we are still adding new features. Due to the increase in popularity of the program, we have made a dedicated website for it.

The program is free to use and we provide plenty of tutorials and example to get your started.

Go to


Windows binaries

A lot of Windows builds rely on the same Windows libraries. Compiling these libraries is often troublesome and in general can take quite some time. Downloading the pre-compiled binaries can thus save you quite some time. Here, I provide binaries and header files for commonly used libraries. All libraries have been compiled using MSVC 2017. The packages typically contain an `include` and a `lib` folder. The former contains the .h files and the latter the .lib and/or .dll files.
Library Filename
boost 1.64.0
bzip2 1.0.6
46,002 bytes
cairo 1.14.8
2,395,683 bytes
cppunit 1.14.0
7,669,319 bytes
freetype 2.8
5,672,324 bytes
fftw 3.3.8
449,922 bytes
glew 2.0.0
6,565,523 bytes
glfw 3.2.1
230,039 bytes
libpng 1.6.28
251,465 bytes
lua 5.3.4
1,009,488 bytes
pixman 0.34.0
456,525 bytes
sundials 3.1.1
1,038,728 bytes
zlib 1.2.1
214,890 bytes